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About Us

Our Philosophy

Our desire to start this small business came from the desire to pierce our own daughter's ears in a clean, safe and private environment. We created Dangle because we believe that ear piercing is a beautiful experience that should be enjoyed, honored, and celebrated with safety being the number one priority.


Here at Dangle, we put safety first by providing ear piercing services performed exclusively by a licensed nurse, using the Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing system. By using this piercing system available only to healthcare providers we are able to ensure that your little girl receives piercing services that utilize sterile products, hygienic methods, and skin-friendly jewelry. We always put your skin and your health first.



What better way can your daughter, granddaughter, or niece have her first ear piercing experience than in our private, comfortable, clean, and safe ear piercing studio.

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Our Nurse

Meet the Dangle Piercing Nurse

Nurse April is  a registered nurse and has been working in the nursing field for over 10 years. She currently works in a surgical/oncology unit at UW Health Hospital in Rockford She has been with Dangle since our opening day and she absolutely loves being apart of clients first ear piercing experiences. 

Heres what a client had to say about Nurse April

"April was so friendly & did a great job in explaining each step in the piercing procedure which helped ease our nerves as first time parents. She did a great job in ensuring we knew what to expect & explained after care instructions very well! We appreciated how clean & professional this place was & definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking to get their little ones ears pierced!"

Evelyn N.

Our Methods

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1.) ​Medical Device Piercing  

Your safety is our priority. We use a medical ear piercing system that has been internationally recognized for meeting quality standards for safety and medical devices.


This system addresses the risk of blood borne infections, such as hepatitis, being transmitted during the ear-piercing process by using single use, disposable cartridges and hand pressurized devices. With the piercing system we use, your piercing is safe, hygienic, and has the maximum protection from transmissible infections.​


This method is perfect for super young clients or anyone who may be nervous about the idea of needle piercing. 


2.) ​Needle Piercing

We also offer the needle piercing method for clients aged 5 and up.  Our needle piercings are done using pre-packaged, sterile, and disposable needles. Piercings are then completed with hypoallergenic, nickel free medical plastic or medical grade titanium  jewelry. 

At our facility, we are 100% disposable.  Nothing is used twice.  Anything that is used is sterile and once it is utilized it is disposed of as medical waste. Detailed aftercare instructions will be handed to you during your visit by the doctor.


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Our Piercing Earrings

The piercing earrings we use are specially designed to facilitate healing. These thoughtful designs include fixed tips, airy and longer post, and safer to change earrings. When air can circulate around a new piercing, it will heal better. That’s why the earring backs on our piercing earrings are always fixed at the tip of the post.

To be kept airy, it’s important that the piercing earring has the right length. For slightly thicker earlobes the piercing earrings we offer have extra long posts.

These earrings creates slightly wider holes in the beginning and thereby prevents them from getting so easily damaged when your child changes earrings after the healing period.​

Our Products

We only use Skin-Friendly Materials because we know that skin sensitivity is especially prevalent in children. One culprit is jewelry made with nickel. An allergy to nickel can cause red, itchy, and inflamed skin, especially the ears if they wear earrings. However, kids aren’t the only ones with this kind of allergy to jewelry. Adults can develop it unexpectedly, even after wearing jewelry for years. Once your body rejects nickel, it always will. The only answer is to wear hypoallergenic jewelry. 

“Hypo” in the word Hypoallergenic means “below.” Hypoallergenic means something is below a level that can cause an allergic reaction. The earrings we use have a nickel content and/or the nickel release of 0 % or so close to 0 %, that our jewelry cannot cause nickel allergy.

For earrings, you can choose from carefully selected pure medical-grade titanium and plastic. Our coating is only applied to the portion of the earrings that don’t come into close contact with your skin. The part of the earrings which are constantly in contact with your skin is always made from pure, medical-grade plastic or titanium.

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